Yoga For Men | 4 Reasons You Need To Do Yoga

I understand it can be quite intimidating to walk into a room in which you are outnumbered by the opposite sex of beautiful bodied women in spandex. Although yoga seems to be quite popular with women, it has many benefits for men as well. Don’t sell yourself short guys, grab a mat and join us!

Here are four reasons you need to take on a yoga practice.

1. Helps You Loosen Up

Men tend to focus on bulking up and building muscle. Though this is sexy on a man’s physique, it also leaves him vulnerable to injury. When muscles are tight, they don’t have a lot of give so simply walking up the stairs can be a dangerous task for you muscle-bound fellas. Yoga’s most famous benefit is its ability to stretch out your muscles so you can move more freely and fluidly throughout your day.

2. Calms You Down

You guys were gifted with the wonderful hormone, testosterone. For women, it’s hard to resist a red-blooded, testosterone-pumping stud of a man at times, and at other times, you all are just too hot headed for us estrogen-secreting humans! Yoga has the ability to decrease your blood pressure, ignite the parasympathetic nervous system, which will slow down all that aggression, and intensity that gets you in trouble so often.


3. Makes You Strong

A lot of men fear that a yoga class will make them soft and sleepy, but trust me, you are way off if you think that. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a tough, muscle bursting man walk into my class with a cheeky attitude announcing that they are ready for “stretching and sleeping.” It never fails, those are the exact students that walk out of class sweating and shocked at what a real practice yoga actually is. Yoga asanas are static positions held for several breaths. This isometric type of exercise helps increase firmness of muscle and also increases the strength of your bones.

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4. Increases Your Ability To Focus

I am sure that most of you gentlemen wear many hats; thus, you have a million things running through your stream of consciousness throughout your day. Yoga will increase your ability to focus, which will likely boost your productivity. Pairing movement and breath are what we do in yoga, and it is also linked with a calming, mind-clearing, attention-focusing benefit. If you tend to have a wandering mind, clarity may be one yoga class away!

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Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson, a.k.a., The Tini Yogini, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Southern California. She has a degree in Behavioral Psychology and is a professional writer focusing on the subject of fitness and conscious living. She teaches not only yoga classes but also life affirming workshops.

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