Writing For fitted. X

Want to be a part of an award-winning online magazine? (Well, soon to be award-winning, anyhow). We are looking for a few awesome writers to join our writing team. We are looking for men and women that love fitness and want to inspire people to live a life of unlimited possibilities. If you have a passion for empowering people to achieve their goals and live a life that want and deserve, keep reading.

Our mission is to inspire and empower people through fitness and coaching to achieve a life of unlimited possibilities. – fitted.

What Type of PEOPLE Are We Looking For?

Those with a solid grasp of writing conventions, sentence structure, a strong voice and above average spelling and grammatical skills. We also are looking for detailed oriented people who are passionate about helping people, fitness, and wellness. We are looking for the following:

  • Staff Writers – These are writers with a consistent voice on fitted. X. We’re looking for professional people to highlight awesome workouts, give their advice on nutrition & wellness, speak on the latest trends in fitness & style, present breaking industry news, review products, write tutorials and more.
  • Contributors – If you are unable to write weekly, then you may still contribute to fitted X. This is a great way to share your thoughts, grow your reputation as a leader in the industry, and build valuable traffic and links to your site. Using us as a platform is a great way to connect with a fitness and wellness minded community.  These articles are unpaid. However, you will get valuable awareness around your personal brand.

What Type of ARTICLES Are We Looking For?

We want all articles to fit within our mission of inspiring and empowering people and generally falls under these two categories:

Short Articles 

  • 2-3 Short Paragraphs, 300-500 words
  • These types of articles include nutrition and workout tips, inspirational videos/articles or new product releases, and more. Articles fit into the short article category when they are based on another source. In these articles, it’s important to not only restate the information but to also add in your opinion as to why it’s relevant.

Long Articles 

  • 5-10 Paragraphs, 700-1500 words
  • These type of articles should be educational in nature. We are looking for tips and tricks centered around fitness and wellness, encouragement, specific workouts, nutrition, etc. You will work with our editor on specific topics and ideas.

What Are The Benefits and Compensation?

If you’re serious about writing (which you probably are if you’ve read this far), and you’re committed to delivering high-quality, highly relevant, consistent articles, let’s discuss compensation:

  • As a staff writer, you will be paid a flat rate with bonuses for views.
  • If you are reviewing a product, you may keep the reviewed product in lieu of compensation if you wish
  • Our growing community looks to our writers as leaders in the industry. You may link to your portfolio and social networking sites in your profile and your articles for exposure and to build your own following.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, please send an email to contact@fittedmagazine.com. In the email, please include:

  • A link to articles/blog posts you’ve written or, if you do not have a link, attach a writing sample
  • Areas of expertise in the fitness/wellness industry
  • What you’d be interested and qualified to write about
  • Your favorite blog/website