A Workout To Tone Your Arms

Sexy, toned arms is typically one of the main areas of focus for men and women alike. Getting your arms toned can be difficult for both genders but luckily, our friends over at Darebee put together a great workout plan you can do at home or on the road without any weights or a gym. I, for one, need to work on my arms as well which inspired me to give this workout program a try. Keep the following infographic handy and on file for when you need a quick arm workout and can’t access a gym or need to switch things up.

Tone Your Arms Workout Challenge

  1. If you want to make this workout a little more intense or you want to build strength or muscle, add weights to all the “punching” exercises. Use lighter weights at first and graduate up to heavier weight as the workouts become easier.
  2. Instead of a 2-minute rest, try resting for only 60-seconds between sets. This will keep your heart rate higher during your workouts, making it a much tougher workout to complete.


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