Why You Need More Vitamin D And How To Get It

Known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin,’ vitamin D is produced when your skin soaks up the sunlight. Our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D when the sun hits it. Luckily, it’s finally summer and the sun is plentiful.

Many people do not get enough vitamin D and it has become an epidemic. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a long list of ailments, so here are five reasons why you should go outside and enjoy some sunshine today!

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Keeps Bones Healthy

Research has found that Vitamin D helps your intestines soak up vital nutrients responsible for strong bones and healthy teeth. Calcium is known for bone health and is also known as a nutrient that is very difficult for the body to absorb. When you have enough Vitamin D rolling through your system, your intestines are able to absorb both calcium and phosphorus and thus increase your chances of keeping bones and teeth healthy and strong. This also decreases your risk of Osteoporosis and arthritis (1).

Lowers Blood Pressure

It is believed that with adequate levels of Vitamin D, you can reduce your blood pressure. Vitamin D decreases the creation of an enzyme that is produced in your kidneys called Renin. Renin is known to affect fluid levels in your body and increase your blood pressure (2).

Wards off Diabetes

Many studies have found that people that have low levels of Vitamin D are at higher risk for Diabetes in the future. Vitamin D is known for its ability to regulate insulin and help people with Diabetes manage their symptoms (3).

Fights Against Cancer

Studies have found that Vitamin D can slow down cancerous cell growth by slowing down blood vessels in the cancerous cell. This will increase the death of cancerous cells as well as stagnate or eliminate the cancerous cells from multiplying. Studies have also found that Vitamin D decreases the amount of inflammation in cancerous tumors (4, 5).

Weight Loss

Vitamin D increases cell communication and is found in cells throughout your whole body. When you boost the amount of this nutrient in your system, your metabolism functions more properly. Vitamin D can also help suppress your appetite. So not only are you burning fat instead of storing it, you are also taking in fewer calories all together (6).

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Studies show that kids and adults are almost 50% deficient of Vitamin D in the U.S. Summer is a great time to boost your levels simply by spending a little time each day outside in the sun. You can also eat foods rich in Vitamin D such as tuna, cheese, milk, orange juice, egg yolks cat fish and salmon. Supplements are available and can be used especially during winter months when sunshine is less available. So, what are you waiting for? Get on out and enjoy soaking up some rays!


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