Why Weight Loss Accountability Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Let’s face it, folks…it sucks to diet! It is much more fun to eat whatever you want than it is to painfully resist the yummy comfort food that keeps you from buttoning your jeans each morning. But the only way you are going to be able to look hot in those jeans again is by disciplining yourself with exercise and diet.

This week I am getting 25 people together to start a weight loss challenge because I personally want to lose 8 pounds. We will be dieting and exercising together for the next 3 weeks and keep each other accountable so we don’t fall off the wagon.¬†Weight loss accountability can help you achieve your fitness goals and here’s how:

Group of eight athletic young adults in gym

There’s Strength In Numbers

If I depend on my boyfriend to be my weight loss buddy, you can bet we aren’t going to lose weight. Why? Because I know the way to his heart (or stomach, in this case) and he knows the way to mine. I can pretty much convince him that eating donuts for breakfast is a good idea even if it’s a non-cheat day on our diet. All I have to do is bat my eyelashes or give him that tempting smile and that’s it…the diet is over. The same goes for me when he wants to load up on a carb filled Italian dinners two nights before I have a fitness photo shoot!

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But, if I have 10-20 people I have to answer to, then it’s a completely different story. My eye batting does not work on everyone and those are the people I want in my diet corner! Sure there are probably 2 or 3 of my friends that would love to be naughty and sneak out for ice cream when no one is looking, but there are at least 5 to 7 that will kick our butts and make us feel like dopes if we do! So rally up your friends…or join my group, we will keep you in check!

Misery Loves Company

It is so much easier to make it through anything when you are surrounded with others that are going through the same thing. When we are on the third night of our diet and want to jump ship but have 18 days to go, we can all rally together for support. We can use sarcasm and wit to cover up our cravings and go to sleep with clear heads knowing we aren’t the only person alive that is dreaming of crescent rolls and Twinkies. This is why groups like Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous are a success. You can’t trust a man until he’s walked a mile in your shoes. When you have weight loss accountability, you have a bunch of people who are walking in your shoes right this minute!

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Creativity, Motivation & Inspiration

When you have several people in a dieting support group with you, it’s more fun. You can all share tips, recipes, inspiring quotes, and exercise routines that will keep the process new and exciting. It is likely that each of the people in your group has dieted before and they all have unique, interesting ways of making it through. Some in my accountability group are vegetarian and need the support of other vegetarians to find out creative ways to take in nutrients and protein without meat. Others have long work weeks and need help finding creative ways to sneak in exercise throughout the day. A few simply need a word of encouragement and now have a plethora of people to offer it to them. Large weight loss accountability groups offer a very diverse form of support¬†so that all sides are covered. This will boost your chances of sticking with the program.

Eating healthy and exercising can be tough! Especially these days when it’s much more convenient to grab fast food and head home after a long day at work and veg out in front of the TV. Joining a weight loss accountability group will make losing weight fun and maybe a little less challenging.


Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson, a.k.a., The Tini Yogini, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Southern California. She has a degree in Behavioral Psychology and is a professional writer focusing on the subject of fitness and conscious living. She teaches not only yoga classes but also life affirming workshops.

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