5 Ways To Curb Your Appetite

When you are working out, you burn more calories, making you feel hungrier throughout the day. Those calories are the fuel that gives you the energy to work out in the first place. It’s a cycle that can lead to overeating because you feel hungry all the time. It can sabotage all of your workout efforts!

However, there are a few things you can do to curb your appetite in a healthy way that will help you decrease the number of calories you take in so that you don’t end up binging just to get through the day.

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Drink More Water

Often times when we feel hungry, all we really need is to hydrate. Start each morning by drinking a full 8 ounces of room temperature water. This will fill your stomach and also get your entire system turned on. When you have enough water running through your body, everything works like a well-oiled machine. You will also eliminate extra water weight because your body is being told it doesn’t need to hoard the water you’ve previously consumed. As an added bonus, the water will help you flush out the toxins in your body, so wake up to a fresh glass of water to help you curb that appetite

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Smart Snacks

Avoid filling yourself up with useless, carby snacks that will spike your blood sugar and make you even hungrier later! Think ahead on days you are out and about and prepare healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit, veggies and peanut butter, or a hot cup of oatmeal so that you can curb your appetite by filling your tummy up throughout the day. This will keep you from creating a ravenous monster in your stomach that will devour more calories at dinner than your entire day combined.

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Go To Bed

The more hours you are up, the more food you will eat. So consider moving up your bedtime; that way you can be counting sheep instead of eating them. Make sure you eliminate fluids at least 2 hours before bed, so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night having to run to the bathroom. Shut down any electronics that will stimulate your brain 2 hours before bed like your computer, TV, and cell phone. Dim the lights and take a hot shower or bath so your body temperature and heart rate will naturally decrease and slow down, telling your body that you are preparing for a restful night of slumber.

Conscious Eating

Be fully aware of what you are eating. Tap into your senses and look at your food; smell it, taste it, feel it in your mouth. Avoid multi-tasking while eating or you will mindlessly devour everything in front of you without a single thought of it going through your mind. When you slow down and eat, you will feel fuller because you are conscious of how the food feels in your stomach. Rushing through your meal will only make your jeans pop open 20 minutes later.

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Most people tend to eat more when they are stressed out because stress increases the release of cortisol (the stress hormone that can make you hungry). Do activities that will relax you and, in turn, you will curb your appetite. Yoga, meditation, walks in nature, soft music, the smell of lavender or watching a funny movie can all fill you with peace instead of food!

Learn to curb your appetite in healthy ways, so that you’ll get the calories you need and not the extra ones you don’t want.

Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson, a.k.a., The Tini Yogini, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Southern California. She has a degree in Behavioral Psychology and is a professional writer focusing on the subject of fitness and conscious living. She teaches not only yoga classes but also life affirming workshops.

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