Thirty Minutes, Five-Hundred Calories, One Awesome Kickboxing Studio

Kickboxing At Its Best

Recently, we just added our 14th gym partner to the mix – another gym that fitted members get unlimited access to. We can’t wait for our members to start using their studio. There is definitely more than one reason to get excited about this location and here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Classes start every 3 minutes! Yes, we had to bold that, because that is amazing. Members just show up, and within 3 minutes they are jumping into a 9 Round circuit of kickboxing and boxing training.
  • The workouts are only 30 minutes long. You heard that correctly, only 30 minutes of calorie blasting kickboxing, boxing and interval training.
  • Burn about 500 calories per class! Ok, another bold. But a 30 minute workout that burns 500 calories? If that doesn’t excite you, then I don’t know what will.

At this gym, there is a trainer training the classes and helping the gym members move from station to station. The instructor is well knowledged in the kickboxing and boxing world, that way you can fine tune that right hook when you visit. It’s not only kickboxing and boxing though, they have active rest in between rounds, as well as various parts of the circuit that are interval and functional training. All in 30 minutes!

Announcing Fitted Gym Partner 14

We are very pleased to announce our newest gym partner 9 Round (in Fountain Valley). Fitted members will get unlimited access to their studio. In the pursuit of continually adding more and more gym locations, 9 Round is one that can benefit gym goers who have been wanting to try something new, have limited time, and want a kickass workout that will burn a lot of calories.


We will be announcing our 15th location shortly and will keep our readers updated as we move along with more and more gym partners.


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