Is Sugar Really THAT Bad For You? | Mini Review of ‘That Sugar Film’

If you’ve even remotely paid attention to fitness, health, and dieting, you’ve likely heard that sugar is rapidly being exposed as the culprit to many detrimental health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more. But how bad is it really?

The other day, I heard a podcast with filmmaker Damon Gameau talking about his documentary, That Sugar Film. Sugar is my Achilles Heel. Like many people, I love it, I crave it, I use it to celebrate, and I use it to soothe. I have an emotional attachment to it that I’ve never been able to fully break – though I’ve come close. I watched the film with my 11-year-old daughter that evening.

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The premise of the film is that every day for sixty days, Gameau ate the average amount of sugar that an Australian consumed – around 40 teaspoons (or 160g). The catch was that he wasn’t allowed to consume typical high sugary foods like candy, soda or desserts. Gameau ate supposedly “healthy” foods such as juices, low-fat yogurt, granola bars, etc. but those foods had high amounts of hidden sugar. The results were not surprising, but quite alarming.

The result of his binge? Developing fatty liver disease just 18 days into the experiment, weight gain, 4 additional inches around his waist, his skin became pale and pimply, and his mood and sleep were adversely affected.

The film isn’t like your typical documentary snoozefest. The Sugar Film was entertaining to watch, informative and kept both of our attention throughout the sometimes over-the-top scenes. Without a word, in the middle of the movie, my daughter got up and threw the entire box of Sour Skittles she had been savoring for days in the trash. That’s how disturbing the effects of sugar is on our bodies.

Highly recommend.

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