3 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Success In The New Year

Happy New Year! 2016 is finally here. Many people have made their resolutions or goals and are ready to make this year the best one yet. But, in order to set yourself up for success, you have to have a direction. You need to prepare, plan and know what you’re working toward. Here are three ways I prepare for the new year so that I stay inspired and motivated to reach my goals.

1. Adopt a Quote For the Year

Despite the fact that it sounds ridiculously easy to find a quote and declare it to be the mantra you’ll live by this year, well, it’s not quite that easy. For me, I search all over the Internet, I read the Bible, I listen to people, and what they’re saying. I wait for the quote to find me and stick to me like glue.

A few years back my quote was, “Nothing is Impossible.” I had struggled for awhile before I found that quote. Finally, I stumbled across it when I was in school and saw it plastered on a wall in huge, bold writing. The moment I saw it, I stopped. I’d heard the phrase before, but it hit me right then. Perhaps it was because I thought I’d see no end to school, and for the first time, the words really sunk in. Nothing is impossible…it’s all in my mind.

From that day forward, “Nothing is Impossible,” became my quote of that year. When I was discouraged or feeling overwhelmed, I thought of that quote and pressed on. It was a good reminder and the encouragement I needed.

Keep your eyes out for your personal quote/phrase that will inspire you. Write it down and read it often. I promise, it helps.


2. Make An Ambition Board

What is an ambition board? It’s a blank canvas that lacks all imagination. What you do next changes everything.

Some call it a dream board and it’s a visual, tangible representation of your dreams, goals, and ambitions. Personally, I like to purchase scrapbooking stickers and paint and decorate my ambition board. I’ll paint a picture of something I find inspiring; I’ll decorate it with the scrapbooking items. Let it be clear that the items I stick on aren’t just whatever cute little picture, sticker, or doodad I find, but rather things that symbolize my goals and dreams. For instance, I’d love to travel more and so I made sure to have a picture of luggage and a place I’ve always wanted to visit. No one else needs to know what the images represent; they are simply ways to give yourself a visual reminder of what you expect of yourself and are working toward this year.  Put your board up somewhere where you will see it constantly.

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3. Put Your Goals In Writing

There’s something about writing down your goals. I have a one-year, five-year, and ten-year list. My goals are based on the “F” system. All of them begin with the letter “F.” My first F is Faith. This centers around my religious beliefs. One of my Faith goals is to read a daily devotional to encourage me and center me. The next F is Family. Under family, I write ways I can help or be a better part of my family. I also write what I hope for myself and for them. Finances, Fitness/health, and Friends are the rest of my F’s. In each area, I write my expectations and my hopes, things that I can improve on or engage in all throughout the year.  My F system was inspired by a lesson taught to me by a friend. I’ve never left the F system as I believe it has always helped me fulfill my goals. Try the system or find something that works for you. There is something powerful about writing down your goals, hopes, and intentions. And don’t forget to revisit them often; read them every morning before you start your day and every night before you close your eyes. Remind yourself constantly what you want to accomplish.

How do you prepare for a successful year? Comment below and inspire us with your ideas.

Shane Briseno
Shane Briseno is a health enthusiast whose desire to find a healthy balance in all areas of life: spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. After years of being a patient from an unexpected series of hospitalizations, she desires to care for others in Western medicine’s field of nursing. She learned so much through her personal life and education, but she soon realized her bigger desires were to lead a holistic and naturally based life. She researched, read and experienced. After many years of study, she realized how equally important Western and Eastern medicine were and how both, in combination, were able to lead people on a healthy life path. She continues to educate herself for the betterment of living life to its fullest and tries every day to appreciate and soak it all in. Shane is a wife, a mommy, an educator, and a health and fitness lover. She will forever be the seeker of a healthy lifestyle.

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