How To Recover From Muscle Soreness Quickly

Muscle Soreness?

Weight training, cross training, running, long hikes and just about anything you do that requires hard physical activity will result in muscle soreness. I’ve been asked by many people, “Is being sore after a workout a good thing?” The short answer is yes, BUT excessive soreness is not good at all. Muscle soreness should peak out around 48 hours and start to subside after that. It should not be getting worse after 48 hours and if you are still tender to the touch then you went a little too hard on your body. Your body has broken down its muscles and now is going through recovery. This usually leads people to ask the follow-up question, “How can I get my muscles to recover quicker?”

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Three Tips To Recover From Muscle Soreness Quickly

  1.  Hot/Cold Shower – Take a hot and cold shower, alternating about 30 seconds of cold water and 30 seconds of hot water. Alternating the hot and cold water will allow more blood flow to go into your muscles, which will carry more nutrients to your muscles to help recover quicker, and the extra blood flow helps alleviate inflammation.
  2. Glutamine  –  Glutamine is naturally found in your body; it is one of the amino acids. Supplementing glutamine on a regular basis can help you in your training regimen, especially if you are in a high-intensity phase of training such as heavy weight lifting or even marathon training. Glutamine has also been proven to help speed up recovery. This is definitely one supplement I take regularly and I notice a big difference in my recovery when I take it and when I don’t.
  3. Massage (my favorite) or Foam Roller – If you don’t do any of the other tips, massage or foam rolling should be high on the list. Now, it probably isn’t feasible to get an hour massage a couple times a week – although that would be nice. Foam rolling can easily be part of your daily routine and you only need to roll for a few minutes every day to start getting the benefits. Foam rollers are pretty inexpensive as well and can even travel with you.

These are my favorite ways to recover quicker from muscle soreness. What are some of your favorite techniques?

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