Orange County Gym: Pilates, Yoga, and More…

Studio 5 Pilates & Yoga

Almost weekly, we are adding more and more partners to the Fitted network of gyms. Growing our relationships with gym owners and gym goers is what we are about. I am pleased to announce another Fitted partner in Orange County. Studio 5 has been around for about 5 years in the Ladera Ranch community. Specializing in pilates, yoga, barre, TRX and spin classes, this boutique studio offers a great ambiance while offering the kick butt classes that get members the fitness results they want. We don’t just add any gym to the network, we strive to find the best locations, with the best staff and classes possible. We believe that Studio 5 is top notch in what they do and our Fitted members will benefit greatly from this relationship.


Bringing The Best Out

Just like how your workouts should be, you should always bring out the best YOU in every workout. That doesn’t mean you have to set a personal record every gym visit, but every time you go to the gym, give it all you possibly can give. This will ensure a couple things:

  1. You’ll be in great health and shape (or working toward it).
  2. You’ll always be challenging yourself to do better, forever growing.

We try to find the best gyms, just like you should always be giving your best during your workout. Go out there and give your 100% and we will continue to bring the best gyms and studios for you!

David Valentine
Been in the fitness world for nearly a decade and a fitness enthusiast for even longer. Unrelinquishing desire for adventure, with a goal to visit every country in the world. Love to chat about life and business philosophy, marketing and of course fitness. Life goal is to improve other people's lives through fitness and lifestyle coaching. Follow my adventures on Instagram.

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