Why I Started Ordering Meal Prep Delivery

If you are like me, then you probably work way too much. If you spend way too much time in the office plugging away at various projects and have an obsession with working all day and night, this article is for you. Working so much can be borderline unhealthy, but when you have to get stuff done or you’re just very passionate about what you do, it is easy to get lost in everything that you need and want to get done. Typically, when I’m working 16 hour days, I barely have time to take care of my healthy habits; I still get my workout in and reading done, but I’ve noticed that I start drifting to the fast food drive thru when leaving the office late because I’m hungry, it’s easy, and it requires next to zero mental strain. Fast food obviously isn’t the best choice, but for the sake of ease, you may do the same thing after a long day at work.

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I don’t need to get scientific for you to understand that what goes in your body is what you are made of. When you ingest cheap and bad food, you get cheap and bad results. But if you’re working a ton of hours every week, the last thing you want to do on your day off is spend hours and hours prepping meals for the week. Don’t get me wrong, meal prep is a great habit that takes discipline and dedication, and I commend anyone who does this week in and week out. But I got sick of spending most of my Sundays shopping, cooking and cleaning, so I decided to find a better way.

I wanted to eat cleaner, so I could be more mentally focused and have the energy throughout the day to handle my workload and my hectic schedule. Daily trips through the drive thru did not help in keeping my energy levels up nor did it help my waistline. My schedule was full, and I wanted to spend my day off with my family and friends, not in the kitchen, so after a few recommendations from friends, I hired a company to do meal prep for me.

It wasn’t a tough decision to use my meal prep company, California Creationz. Time is very valuable to me and so after calculating out the time I spent planning, shopping for, making my meals and cleaning it all up, I’m actually saving money using California Creationz.

You have to evaluate your situation individually, but I made the leap about a year ago, and it has been amazing. What is your time worth to you? If you value your time doing other things versus being in the kitchen making healthy meals for the week, then give a meal prep delivery service a try.


Since California Creationz has been dropping off healthy and delicious meals on my doorstep twice a week, I’ve been able to free up time, eat healthier and stay on track with my fitness goals.

Decide what your priorities are and go from there. Try out a meal prep company for a month and see how you like it. California Creationz will give you some sample meals to try out before you commit. They have a Paleo plan (which I use) and a plan with more carbs that isn’t 100% paleo should you need that. Check out California Creationz here to see if meal prep delivery is the way to go for you.

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