How to Lose Weight | The Secret to Shedding Those Extra Pounds

So you want to lose weight. At least, that’s why I assumed you clicked on this article. There’s a revolutionary method that almost guarantees that you’ll lose those unwanted pounds. It’s a two-step program that will change the fitness industry forever. Are you ready for it?

How to Lose Weight | The Secret to Shedding Those Extra Pounds…

It’s eating right and working out.

Okay, okay, before you click away in disgust, let me explain. There is not magic formula, no diet pill, miracle tea, shake or cream. You can pay thousands of dollars to have them vacuum it all out, but you’ll start gaining it right back again when you go back to eating cupcakes and donuts while watching Netflix.

Losing weight takes you making the right choices.

  • When it comes to choosing pizza or a salad (minus the sugary dressing, sub an oil based vinaigrette), you need to make the right choice.
  • When it comes to sitting on the couch all weekend with a tub of that Zebra popcorn from Costco – you know what I’m talking about – and an Orange Is The New Black Marathon OR going to a Pilates class, you need to make the right choice.

Sometimes the right choice is pizza and the Netflix marathon, but MOST OF THE TIME it’s the salad and Pilates. Don’t get me wrong. Is it easier for some people to make the right choice than it is for others? Absolutely. All of our bodies are different. What works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. And add to that, even BEYOND losing weight, striving to be healthy should be your number one priority.

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My life: Somewhere between a donut and a juice cleanse.

My Journey To Making The Right Choices

At my heaviest, I was 130lbs. Before you roll your eyes with disgust, was I healthy? Absolutely not. Could I hide it well? Of course. But I continuously made the wrong choices. From two bowls of buttery popcorn while watching TV before bed to drinking on the weekends to having pizza at 2am and staying up all hours of the night, my choices took a toll on my body and my emotional state. For years and years, I told myself that since I was drinking a green smoothie every morning and eating vegetarian half the time, I was good. So what if I was bloated all the time, had digestive issues and was always tired and lethargic? I still looked fine (clothed, at least).

What finally flipped the switch from a skinny fat couch potato to a marathon running, meal prepping girl who loved to work out? A FitBit. Not actually getting a FitBit mind you, so don’t take this as an ad or anything. I made the choice to start running four months before I got a FitBit for Christmas.

My friend got a FitBit. She wore it for a while, and I admired it and listened to her talk about it for about a week and I decided I wanted one. My boyfriend said it would be a waste of money, and I’d probably only exercise and wear it for a few weeks and forget about it. And that is why I started running. Wanting to prove him wrong, I downloaded a couch to 5k app on my iPhone and the very next day ran a very slow interval mile.

What will be your trigger to start making choices to benefit your health – whether your goal is to shed those unwanted pounds, or tone up or just to get to a place of better health and better choices? I really cannot answer that for you. But what I do know is that you already know the secret to losing weight. There is really no way around it – eating right and exercising is the best way to do it and sustain it. Is it easy? Heck no. Every single day you’ll be faced with choices to either get a step closer to your goal or a step away from it. And some days you’ll make the right choice, some days you won’t. The key is not to beat yourself up too much about it and make the right choice the next time you have to make a choice.

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So, what does “eating right” and “exercise” look like for you? I can’t answer that because as I said above, everyone is different. For me, the catalyst was the desire for a FitBit, which lead me to running, to finding a running buddy who helped keep me accountable. That led us to running two half marathons and training for a full marathon later this year. Which led me to finding various ways to cross train so I could improve my PR.

As for eating right, that came a bit slower with many baby steps and a 30-day ab challenge to propel me to where I am today. (Read about my 30-day ab challenge here).

Do I still make choices that go against “eating right?” Yes, in fact, I just ate a hamburger and fries right before sitting down to post this. Do I still make the choice to sleep in instead of go for a run or to a class? Yes, I do. But now, as I round the corner to my next birthday, FitBit on my wrist, I make more right choices than wrong, and that makes all the difference.

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~ Hanssie, Communications Director for fitted.

Hanssie is the Communications Director for fitted. In her free time, she runs marathons to get medals, counts the days until her next cheat meal (as well as her macros), rescues big dogs and blogs about the divorced life when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at and follow her on her various social media sites (below).

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