How To Achieve More Success In Fitness And Life

My Fitness History

I’ve been in the fitness and gym world for roughly ten years now. When I first got into the industry (with 24 Hour Fitness), it was purely out of passion. I was an avid gym goer who loved working out and figured there could be no better job than working where I loved to spend a few hours each day. From that, my passion for fitness and business grew. I got promoted around to a few different 24 Hour Fitness gyms for a couple years. After leaving 24 Hour Fitness, I began working at UFC Gym, then moved on to owning my own gym, and now owning a network of gyms through fitted. I mention all of this because, along the way, I found I have a tremendous passion for helping people, not only in their physical form but in their mental form as well. It wasn’t until I solved the problem below, that I started to truly live a happier life of focus and gratitude.

Defining Your Success

There is a massive issue in our culture today; often we define success by what society has taught us to believe. We see the fitness magazines with a guy and his twelve abs popping out with the tagline, “Get Rock Hard Abs In 6 Weeks.” We buy the magazine, do the six-week program and are still stuck with our one ab. We tend to compare our success with someone else’s success. Their success is not necessarily your success, because their goals may not be the same as ours. When we allow society to decide our definition of success in fitness and in life, it usually doesn’t match our personal definition of success.

This usually leads to conflict and unhappiness inside ourselves, which is difficult to overcome. This problem is by no means your fault. It was a bill of goods sold to us while we were in high school and college by our peers – we had to keep up and do what everyone else was doing. Kids that were different were picked on and bullied.

I’m just as guilty at trying to blend in as the next guy. However, to overcome this, we need to define our own success and go after that definition. Otherwise, we will set ourselves up for failure when we compete with someone who is well knowledged and has been working on their abs a little longer than six weeks (probably like 6 years).


How To Achieve More Success In Fitness And Life

It is difficult not to compare yourself to the models, actors, and actresses we see on TV and in magazines and by no means am I saying that you should lower your standards and not go after that dream body. I am a big advocate for getting the body you want.

My point is that it is important to set your own definition of success and measure yourself only against yourself.

For instance, I use to need to have the 8 pack of abs and be shredded to the bone, but now I am happy eating very clean and healthy, eating minimal animal protein, plenty of green juices, and have my cheat meals when I want them (because I do love a good Slaters 50/50 Burger from time to time). No longer am I sizing myself up to society’s expectations, and I couldn’t be happier and actually healthier. Later down the road, in another article, I’ll talk about how I was consuming over 400 grams of protein per day and the toll that took on my body.

Homework Assignment

  1. Figure out what your own success looks like – in fitness and life. Clearly define your goals and write them down. Feel free to even share them with me in the comments below.
  2. Start going after that and that only! If you want to overachieve and grow past that, then you definitely should expand your definition of success once you’ve completed the first part.

“We can accomplish anything we want in life, but we can’t accomplish everything.”

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