From Couch to Half Marathon | The One Thing That Motivated Me To Work Out

Motivation is a funny thing. You never know what will spark that internal drive to move. Throughout my life, motivation could come from anywhere – a good book, an inspirational quote, my favorite podcast or just waking up in the morning. As far back as I could remember, I would have spurts of motivation to focus on my health. I’d go to the gym for a while and eat “right” for a bit, and then slide back into old habits.

The One Thing That Motivated Me To Work Out

For some, motivation comes from the advent of a new year; for others, it could be a warning from a doctor, or a vacation. For me, this last go around of the motivational spurt was due to a FitBit (and also turning 37).

My neighbor and friend happened to get a Fitbit Flex and immediately, I wanted one. Trying to figure out ways to justify spending money on basically a glorified pedometer (but such an awesome one at that!) and to see if I could squeeze that money out of my part-time budget, were two obstacles I encountered. Would I use it? David, (fitted‘s owner and founder) predicted I’d use it for “three months tops,” then forget about it, as my short attention span for new shiny objects had proven in the past. “This one is different,” I said, “just watch.” I didn’t get one – not for a few months, at least.


From Couch to Half Marathon

But as I had the idea in my head and my 37th birthday was days away, I decided that if I couldn’t get a Fitbit, there had to be an app for something like it. I stumbled on a Couch to 5K app by ZenLabs. I began running every morning (read about my full journey here) and three months later, my brother presented me with my very own FitBit. The only time it has come off my wrist since then is when I have to charge the battery. Now, 3,409,344 steps, 1,607.76 miles, two half marathons later, I can say that my FitBit Flex is the single most motivating and most used accessory in my workout arsenal. Each week I participate in challenges with my friends to see who can take the most steps and win bragging rights. I’m constantly updating the app to see how many steps I have left to reach my goal. It also tracks my sleep hours and water drinking goals, as well. My Fitbit is truly the centerpiece of my fitness life.

Win Two FitBits – One For You, One For a Friend

The FitBit might not be the motivating factor for you, but who knows, it might be the kickstart you need to get your butt off the couch like it was for me. Right now, we are giving away two Fitbits in our first Instagram contest. All you have to do to win is FOLLOW @gofitted on Instagram, LIKE the post and TAG a friend. If you win, both you and your friend will get a Fitbit Flex. That’s it. Good luck!

Do you have something that motivates you to move? If so, comment below!

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