Gym Announcement: Forever Growing Fitted

Growth = Happiness

Each week, we are adding more gyms and studios to our ever expanding Fitted network! That means our members get access to even more locations in Orange County, plus they get to add variety and selection to their workouts. Variety is crucial to keep working out fun and not a chore. Besides keeping your workouts fun and engaging, your body actually needs variety to maximize its potential. The more times you do the same exact workout, the more your body adapts to those workouts and the less results you see. Fitted offers hundreds of different coaches, trainers, instructors and styles of workouts – giving you absolute freedom to switch up your normal routine and most importantly, keeping your fitness lifestyle fun and engaging.


It’s All About Location

We know that everyone can’t join every single boutique gym in Orange County. Joining every single specialty gym would cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars a month. This is where Fitted comes in – we offer the boutique gyms and studios that specialize in specific forms of workouts, all for one membership. With that being said, we are very pleased to announce a 12th location added to the list that Fitted members have unlimited access to: Ladera Ranch Strength and Conditioning. They incorporate constantly varied movements and exercises from gymnastic, calisthenics, Olympic and Power lifting and a whole host of other techniques. Along side with gyms such as LRSAC, we have studios that offer Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Boot Camp, TRX, Rock Climbing and much more. Locations are all around you, with one simple solution. One membership, unlimited possibilities.

David Valentine
Been in the fitness world for nearly a decade and a fitness enthusiast for even longer. Unrelinquishing desire for adventure, with a goal to visit every country in the world. Love to chat about life and business philosophy, marketing and of course fitness. Life goal is to improve other people's lives through fitness and lifestyle coaching. Follow my adventures on Instagram.

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