Working Out: Fitness Goal or Lifestyle?

Your Fitness Goals

Things change the minute we decide to be healthy, get fit and stay in shape. We change our nutritional behaviors to align with our exciting new fitness “goals” and absolutely nothing is going to stop us on achieving these goals. We change our normal sleeping schedule, we go to bed early to wake up early and hit the gym, or we dedicate our one hour lunch breaks to go to yoga class and eat a salad in the car on the way back to work. We set out with the best of intentions to hitting this new found desire to get into shape. A solid 3 week effort goes by and we slowly start slipping back into our old lifestyle- staying up late, hitting the snooze button, going out to lunch with coworkers again, and going from 5 days a week at the gym to 3 to 2 to 1 then none.


Goals vs. Lifestyle

This is a very normal cycle for 80% of gym goers. The issue is that we decided to make it a short term goal (lose 10 lbs. or gain 5 lbs. muscle) instead of deciding to make it a lifestyle. If you’ve found yourself chasing a goal year in and year out, it is because you haven’t decided mentally to change your lifestyle and not focus on the goal. Truth is, if you decide to slowly integrate eating well, working your way up to 5 times a week and changing your overall habits, then the goal would be achieved naturally and you would escape the vicious cycle. Yes, creating a lifestyle is still going to take conscious effort, hard work and dedication. However, once you achieve that lifestyle, you’ll continually stay in the best shape of your life. Instead of committing to working out 7 days a week, commit to two days. Instead of cold turkey dropping every bad eating habit, focus on dropping one bad habit a week. The progress will be slower, but your chances of actually maintaining that lifestyle greatly increases as well as your chances of hitting your fitness “goal.”

What have you done to create a healthy lifestyle? Share some of your best tips  in the comments below – others may benefit from the tips and tricks that work for you!

David Valentine
Been in the fitness world for nearly a decade and a fitness enthusiast for even longer. Unrelinquishing desire for adventure, with a goal to visit every country in the world. Love to chat about life and business philosophy, marketing and of course fitness. Life goal is to improve other people's lives through fitness and lifestyle coaching. Follow my adventures on Instagram.

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