Do You Hate Monday? How To Eliminate That Feeling In 2 Minutes

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Most people do not like Mondy mornings for one reason or another. Offices gather around the coffee maker complaining about the dreaded Monday lulls, how fun their weekend was, and how shitty their Monday is about to be. To me, this is not living a life of unlimited possibilities. Griping about Monday is getting sucked into a pity party and it is definitely not a healthy party at that. Studies have shown that most common day of the week for a heart attack to occur is…you guessed it, on a Monday. It’s definitely not good for your health to hate something so much.

The Cure

I follow Gary Vaynerchuk¬†pretty closely. I love his personality, his style of approaching business, and his rants. This short video is under 2 minutes and in it, he bashes Monday mornings and tells you why you should love Mondays and not hate them. I agree with him 100%. Fair warning, there are a few curse words in the video; Gary doesn’t really have a filter.

Negativity has been proven to be bad for your health. Eliminate that negativity. Stop dreading Mondays and find something you love and go after it. Get a good Monday morning workout in to start the day; get the endorphins pumping early. Chase that dream you have been dreaming about for the last few months/years. Find any reason to love your Mondays, because 1/7th of your life is spent on a Monday.

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