Did You Binge Eat and Watch Netflix All Weekend? Here’s How to Detox Naturally.

In my defense, it was my birthday weekend and a long weekend all rolled into one gluttonous blur of carbs, sugar, alcohol, and fat. Honestly, sometimes you need a day (or days) like that if at the very least to remind you how icky it feels to consume crappy food and refocus on your weight loss goals. And just because you didn’t log it into your MyFitnessPal app, doesn’t mean your body did not record the food. Drat.

After spending Sat and Sun, drinking, eating Del Taco in the wee hours of the night, bingeing on every food on my birthday wish list (yes, that’s a thing – don’t judge) and skipping almost all of my workouts, by Monday morning, my body was rebelling. I had a massive allergy attack – sneezing, swollen eyes, runny nose, I was randomly itchy all over the place, my stomach was grumbling and bloated, and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch Netflix or sleep. I felt gross, had no energy, and was unfocused, all thanks to my choices.


*If you’re curious, my birthday food wish list consisted of it was: Chicken and waffles, mimosas, margaritas, french fries, jalapeno poppers, buffalo wings, pizza, cheesecake, Cheetos, and “drunk food.” I consumed most of that in a span of 8 hours.*

Here are some ways I’m detoxing from that binge-fest.

1. Activated Charcoal

Everyone sort of raises an eyebrow when I tell them about activated charcoal. Hospitals use activated charcoal to treat ingested poisons and overdoses. Activated charcoal goes in and absorbs all the toxins and crap from your GI tract. I get a bottle of charcoal at my local Sprouts Market. They are regular capsules that are black, odorless, and have no taste. The magic pills takes away stomach pain, bloating, indigestion, and more. Plus they are known as a good hangover cure. Activated charcoal does absorb everything, though – the good and the bad – even vitamins and minerals. I’ve had no side effects using it, but do your research or consult your doctor before trying it out.

2. Work Out

The thing about eating poorly, drinking, and staying up late is that you become quite unmotivated to do much more than lift your finger to change the volume on Netflix. But sweating it out is a great way to help your body clear out the toxins and get your mind focused. Keeping that body moving also helps with your mood (I was sad that the 3-day weekend was coming to an end), gives you more energy, and a host of other benefits.

Here are a few classes you should check out to get you back into the swing of things:

  • Harmony HB has an awesome restorative yoga class that will center your mind and body, help you rejuvenate and refocus.
  • 9 Round Costa Mesa – with no class schedule, you can drop in when it’s convenient for you and get a great 30-minute workout!
  • XTend Barre Seal Beach – join a barre class and work on rebuilding and strengthing those muscles that might feel a bit flabby at the moment. (I know mine do!)


3. Sleep

Sleep is when your body repairs itself and after a weekend of damage and interrupted sleep schedules, your body needs to rest. I took two naps Monday, went to bed early Monday night, and still woke up drained on Tuesday. A few more days of extra sleep and hopefully I’ll be back to normal again…till next weekend (just kidding).

4. H20

The importance of hydration is something that we cannot preach enough. You should be drinking lots of good ole H20 to help your liver flush out those toxins. One detoxing drink I can’t get enough of is my lemon water. Lemon has some great detoxing properties on its own and combine it with the sometimes boring H20 (and a few drops of Stevia), and you can almost pretend it’s a cocktail.

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That protein bowl was mine. Trust me, the chips and broccoli cheese soup was quite tempting, though.

5. Eat Clean

After a weekend of binge eating, it’s time to get back on your clean, whole foods diet. No more junk. I packaged up all the leftover junk food and had my boyfriend take it all to work with him. Yes, it’s sad to say goodbye to almost an entire package of Birthday Cake Oreos and bags of my favorite hot Cheetos, but it has to be done. I made sure I went back to my green smoothies and threw in an extra green juice for good measure.


If you indulged in too many goodies over the weekend, well, good for you. Everyone needs to enjoy life and break the rules every now and again. Just don’t make it a habit and remember to go back to the healing foods and practices that your body thrives on.

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