Do These 9 Ab Workouts To Make You Stronger

Six-pack abs seem to be the unicorn in our fitness life. We’re always chasing them down and trying to get just a glimpse of a 2 pack or 4 pack at the very least. I’m sure you’ve heard the term that abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. This is mostly true and I’ll explain.

Not Just The Kitchen

The best way to see your abs is through proper diet and really watching what you intake. However, I do want to point out that your core or abs, whichever you prefer to call them, is a muscle group. Like all muscles in your body, you need to strengthen them regularly. Your core is an extremely important part of your body because it is the foundation for your strength.

Abs are made in the kitchen…and the gym.

Don’t neglect to work them out because you think abs are only for visual effect. It goes much deeper than that which is why I’m urging you to try various ab workouts and to do them often. I’m also not saying to only work out your abs and neglect the kitchen; you have to have both.

Consistency is the key to living a healthy lifestyle, so be consistent in the kitchen and consistent in the gym and you’ll see that 2,4, or 6 pack in no time!

Abs Workouts

I wanted to share a set of ab workouts with you because this one includes something very unique that is often overlooked, even by people who have been exercising for years. In a prior article I wrote, I showcased some ab workouts you should definitely check out.

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Most people don’t realize that your core wraps all the way around to your back. Think of your core this way: Take your hand, and make a cup as if you’re going to hold water in your hand. Your hand should look like a cone, with your index finger being open and your pinky finger closing the bottom. Now, put a pen or pencil in your hand. Your hand represents your core and your pen represents your spine. Wiggle the pen around. How loose is it? Now tighten your hand around the pen, the pen doesn’t wiggle very much. This is exactly how your core works.

Focus on healthy eating in the kitchen and focus on strengthening your abs/core in the gym. In that prior article mentioned, there are 36 different workouts you can do. In the infographic below, there are nine workouts to do but to various intensities. If you’re just starting out, keep it light and go level 1. Progress yourself all the way up to level 3. You can literally do these at home while the TV is on, or when you need a quick break from whatever it is you’re doing.


If you’d like to see more workouts from Darebee, head to their website.

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