7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Fitness Man

If you are looking to get your man a gift this Valentine’s Day and you don’t want to give the typical candy and cookies because summer is right around the corner, I have a few suggestions for you. Coming from a male who love fitness, here are some alternatives to the typical Valentine’s gifts.

1. WOD Box

This one is awesome because it is the gift that keeps on giving – well, if you do the 3 or 6-month subscription that is. Each month, you’ll get a box of 6-8 fitness goodies delivered to your house. Products range from supplements, apparel, snacks, and even equipment. For $113, you can get your man a 6-month subscription to The WOD Box, which is a pretty good price for all you get.


2. Alpha Brain

With so much going on these days, being in the present is very important. We all work extremely hard and push ourselves to the maximum output we can possibly produce. I know that running three companies has my brain rattled all the time, but I want to be present for friends and family. Use Alpha Brain to help keep your focus all day long; give your man a 30-day supply and see the difference.


3. Six Pack Bag

This list would not be complete without the 6 Pack Bag. In fact, whatever you decided to buy him this year, buy him the 6 Pack Bag as well because it is that awesome. On their website, they have a multitude of options available but even going with the classic 6 Pack is pretty amazing. Most lunch bags do not carry nearly enough food for the average day. 6 Pack Bags allows you to pack everything neatly and with more than enough room, especially during bulking season.

6 Pack Bag

4. Foam Roller

This is a love-hate item that you have to have because foam rolling is extremely good for you. However, it hurts, especially when you have knots built up. This is a fitness must and makes a great gift. One foam roller I love is made from Trigger Point. The grid is small enough to travel with and is compact enough to store in the house to foam roll daily.

Trigger Point Foam Roller

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5. Fitted Gym Membership

This is an easy one to put on the list and a great membership to get your man. Give him a Fitted Membership. Fitted allows members unlimited access to nearly 100 gyms between Orange County and San Diego without monthly restrictions. See if your favorite gym is on the list here.

6. Kettlebells

Not just any kettlebells, you have to get your man the Primal Kettlebells from Onnit. The bells have the face of a gorilla on them, which, if that doesn’t motivate you to go into beast mode, I don’t know what will. They range anywhere from 18lbs all the way up to 90lbs, and it makes working out at home quick and easy.

Primal Kettle Bell

7. LVFT Apparel

LIVE FIT has an amazing collection for men that you have to check out. From tanks and t-shirts to shorts and pants, they literally have everything your man would need to work out in and look his best. Get him a new outfit for the gym or an outfit for just wearing around.

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What are you getting your fitness-loving man for Valentine’s Day? Comment below.

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