6 Calcium-Rich Foods For The Lactose Intolerant

Calcium is the number one source of nutrients for bones and teeth. It is a necessary component to sustaining a healthy diet, but those who are lactose intolerant have to avoid foods like milk and cheese that are so rich in this nutrient. But do not fret my lactose intolerant friends, there are plenty of calcium-rich foods that are nowhere near the dairy aisle. Here are 8 delicious, foods full of calcium to integrate into your everyday diet.


This citrus fruit is packed with a ton of vitamin C but also contains 74 milligrams of calcium in a single orange. When you eat an orange, you are taking in nutrients that are good for your immune system and will also strengthen your bones and teeth. Oranges make a refreshing, low-calorie afternoon snack, so drop an orange in your lunch bag to increase your calcium intake.



Almonds are scrumptious treats that are filled with vitamin E, protein, potassium, and 75 milligrams of calcium in each ounce. They are high in good fat which helps lower your cholesterol. Eating almonds may not make your tummy hurt like drinking milk but too many almonds will cause your waistline to grow, so keep this indulgent snack to a minimum.


Tofu is a staple in many vegan and vegetarian diets as it is a main source of protein and nutrients. In every half-cup of tofu, you get 434 milligrams of calcium, so this makes tofu an ideal source of calcium to non-meat eaters and the non-dairy crowd alike. It has the great characteristic of taking on whatever flavor you cook it with. So add it to your soups, casseroles and stir fry’s to increase your calcium intake.

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All beans are a great source of protein, iron, potassium and calcium, but white beans, in particular, contain 63 milligrams of calcium in each half-cup. Beans can be eaten cold or hot, alone or mixed in salads. They make a great side for meals because they are low calorie and packed with stuff that’s really good for you!

Rice pudding with vanilla and fresh figs


Figs are a sweet treat that is full of fiber, potassium, magnesium and contain 121 milligrams of calcium in a half-cup (dried). They are a staple for many delicious desserts and are quite tasty in salads, oatmeal or trail mixes. Figs are packed with nutrients that will keep your bones strong, muscles working and heart healthy.


Calling this veggie a mini green tree was the only way I could get my son to eat them when he was a baby. But I knew how nutrient-rich broccoli is, so I got creative and it worked. Broccoli contains 86 milligrams of calcium in every 2 cups. It also contains vitamin C and is a great source of fiber.

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Dairy-free friends, you don’t have to suffer from aching stomachs and congestion just to get your proper amount of calcium each day. Integrate these lactose-free foods that will help keep bones and teeth strong!

Sarah Stevenson
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