Nutrition: 5 Ways To Improve Your Eating

You Are What You Eat

We have all heard of this famous saying for years, maybe decades. The hard reality is that it carries a significant amount of truth with it. We are essentially built off the nutrients and food we put into our bodies. Food is essentially what our bodies use to build and sustain every part. Why then do we chose to intake food that is grown with chemicals, genetically modified, and processed beyond recognition?

We wanted to share with you some nutrition tips we have learned along the way. These may be overly simplified suggestions, however, we hope that they serve as a good reminder to be more conscious of what you are intaking.

The Five Tips

  1. If it comes from the ground, it is probably good for you.
  2. Keep your plate portions at 50% Vegetable, 25% Starch/Carb, and 25% Protein.
  3. Don’t follow the standard 3 meals a day philosophy. Have 6-8 meals that are significantly smaller. This will help burn more calories/fat, keep your energy levels up, keep lean muscle on your body, and reduce your hunger cravings.
  4. Have a snack before exercising! This one is important. It helps spike your blood sugar levels before putting your body through a tough workout. It will help prevent your body from burning muscle instead of fat, gives you the energy you need to maximize your workout, and prevents any lightheadedness.
  5. Don’t forget to eat! Starving yourself isn’t the answer. A well-balanced nutrition plan is the answer. Yes, you can starve yourself for 3 days in a row and lose 10lbs, however, it isn’t healthy at all! You gain it right back immediately once you start eating your regular nutrition plan again.


Being conscious of what we intake is very important. Going to the gym and exercising is important, but we have to give our bodies the right nutrients to build that body we are all working so hard to get inside the gym. Be sure to follow us and stay tuned as we continue to give nutrition and fitness tips weekly.

David Valentine
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