5 Great Audiobooks To Listen To On A Long Run

Music is my personal motivation

The first time I tried listening to a podcast while running, it felt like the longest, most painful minute of my life. I wanted some pounding EDM music and not to think. It took some time before I tried again – this time it was an interview with a favorite athlete of mine, OCR racer, Amelia Boone and I am glad I gave it another chance. Now, I alternate, depending on my mood, with podcasts, audiobooks and pounding EDM music during my long runs.

When it comes to audiobooks and running, you want to story that keeps your interest so that the miles just fall away and before you know it, you can almost forget all the aches and pains. Almost. In this last training cycle, I’ve been on an audiobook kick and have allowed the following five books to carry me through hundreds of miles.


1. My Year of Running Dangerously By Tom Foreman

Truly one of the best books I’ve read, err, listened to, this year. It documents the running journey of 50-year-old CNN journalist, Tom Foreman, whose daughter asks him to run a marathon with her. The book is very well written and witty, causing me to break out in random chuckles along the running trail. Highly entertaining. Order My Year of Running Dangerously by Tom Foreman here.


2. You Are a Badass By Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero wrote the book I was supposed to write. I mean, seriously, if I were to ever write a self-help type book, the tone, the language and the sarcasm would mirror Jen’s writing style. The concepts (like most things in self-help) are nothing new, but I’ve never heard them communicated the way Jen does it – except from my own mouth. If you don’t like cussing, this won’t be the book for you (personally, I think Jen may be my spirit animal). Get the audiobook on Amazon here.


3. Adnan’s Story By Rabia Chaudry

If you’re a fan of Serial the podcast, first, you should load up your phone with the Undisclosed Podcast which is a really in-depth look at the case. Then listen to Adnan’s story, written by family friend (and the woman who brought the case to Serial’s Sarah Koenig’s attention), Rabia Chaudry. Adnan’s Story also documents what life was like for Adnan and his family after the trial and serves to fill in some of the blanks that weren’t brought up in either podcast. Grab it here.



4. Rejection Proof By Jia Jiang

For author Jia Jiang, being rejected was a fate worst than death so he set out to beat this fear by spending 100 days doing social experiments that faced this fear head on. The recounting is entertaining and inspiring with lessons learned after each of his rejection attempts. Learn how to be Rejection Proof here.


5. Running: A Love Story

I paused before starting this book because of the mixed reviews, but after finishing it in a few days, I was glad I gave it a try. Those looking for a book on solely on running may come up short, but for people that enjoy listening to someone’s story about life, love and the forces that cause us to run, will enjoy this memoir. The author recounts how she turned to running when her (love) life was out of control, a theme that many of us runners can relate to. Buy it here.

As this article publishes, I will be at the start line of the Marine Corps Marathon with my iPhone cued up to, what else, an audiobook. I’ve chosen to listen to Living With A Seal: 31 Days Training With The Toughest Man On The Planet.

If audiobooks (or running) aren’t your thing, be sure to check out this article: 5 Things to Listen to While You Exercise for a few more ideas.

Hanssie is the Communications Director for fitted. In her free time, she runs marathons to get medals, counts the days until her next cheat meal (as well as her macros), rescues big dogs and blogs about the divorced life when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at www.hanssie.com and follow her on her various social media sites (below).

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