5 Foods That Will Naturally Warm Your Body

Cold weather is sweeping the nation right now. Most of us feel frosty both inside and out. Do you ever have times when you are layered with clothes and still feel cold? Well, there’s no need to put on a 4th sweater, just try out these 5 thermogenic foods that will keep you warm in the freezing temps.


This root is known for improving circulation throughout the whole body, which will warm you up right away. Ginger contains heating agents called gingerols. It is also used to combat nausea and help with upset stomachs. You can eat ginger raw, brew it in tea or add it to your meals by grating it.


Obviously, foods that set your mouth on fire are bound to heat you up. Each time my brother eats cayenne, he gets so hot his head starts to sweat. Cayenne pepper contains a spicy chemical named capsaicin, which increases your body temperature when you ingest it. This pepper, like most spicy peppers, also gives your metabolism a jolt. You can eat the actual pepper or simply use the spice. My favorite way to devour cayenne is to sprinkle it in my hot chocolate along with a dash of cinnamon.


The powerhouse peanut packs a hot punch for being such a little thing. It contains niacin, which boosts your metabolism and increases blood circulation throughout the body. Peanuts contain healthy fats and are a great source of protein. They are super easy to bring along as a snack and absolutely delicious in most Asian meals and salads.

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Coconut Oil

Coconuts seemed to be the miracle food these days; you can cook with it, use it as lotion, hair conditioner and more. Coconut oil is rich in healthy saturated fats. The body breaks down these fats and that is what increases your body temperature. There are many other uses for coconut oil; I use it to grease all my pans and even as a mouthwash in the morning.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a healthy, complex carbohydrate. This makes the body work harder to digest it and in turn, heats up your core temperature. Brown rice is considered a whole grain that is rich in fiber, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B and phosphorus. Next time you are cold inside and out, opt for the brown rice and let it warm you up.

When you are cold, you can also eat any foods that are warm in temperature. Hot teas, soup, oatmeal or a nice hot meal will warm you up quite quickly. They will only serve as a temporary increase in body temperature, though, so if you are always cold bring out the big guns and try one of the five we suggested above.

Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson, a.k.a., The Tini Yogini, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Southern California. She has a degree in Behavioral Psychology and is a professional writer focusing on the subject of fitness and conscious living. She teaches not only yoga classes but also life affirming workshops.

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