5 Best Foods For Men Who Want To Stay Healthy and Strong

It’s no secret that men and women are different in many ways. In my previous article, I shared five foods that benefit women specifically; there are also certain foods that can benefit males and should be integrated into their diet each day. If you are a man that wants to be the healthy and strong, then consider adding these five foods into your diet.

Healthy Eating

1. Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains high doses of flavonoids, which are known to decrease inflammation, ward off bad cholesterol, increase proper blood flow and decrease stress. It has been suggested that men with poor blood circulation suffer from heart disease, increased stress response and erectile dysfunction. Eating dark chocolates rich in flavanoids can help with all of these issues. Keep in mind that too much of a good thing is not a good thing, so limit your dark chocolate intake to just about one ounce a day (1, 2).

2. Bananas

Bananas are packed with nutrients that can keep men healthy. The key nutrient is potassium, which helps combat muscle cramping and increases bone health. It also helps lower blood pressure. Men with high blood pressure are considered leading candidates for strokes. Bananas are a convenient fruit that is super easy to throw in your briefcase or gym bag. (3).

3. Milk

Milk, it does a body good. Most of us started off life being drunk on our mama’s milk, and our bodies have seriously benefited from it. Integrating milk into your diet will help keep your bones strong. It also contains Vitamin D, which is a vital ingredient in warding off cancer. The American Cancer Society projects that 1,685,210 new cancer cases will occur in the United States in 2016 (4). Although the statistics of male deaths due to prostate cancer have decreased due to early detections, that still leaves men vulnerable to lung cancer, testicular cancer, colorectal cancer as leading causes of death in males.

Bowl of oatmeal served on a stone slate table with frozen blackberries and raspberries. Topped with peanut butter and walnuts this is a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

4. Oats

A cup of cooked oats can offer you 6 grams of protein for breakfast. Researchers found that eating a healthy dose of whole-grain cereal each day lowered risk of heart disease. Oats contain beta-glucan, a digestible fiber that reduces the hardening of arteries, which causes heart failure and blood clots, which are quite common in men. It also helps regulate blood sugar, which will protect you from contracting type 2 diabetes (5). Oatmeal is a quick and easy to prepare breakfast that you can take on the go if need be. Stay away from the pre-packaged flavored oatmeal in the store, which contains high amounts of sugar and additives. Here’s a quick and easy oats recipe that you can prep the night before: Healthy Meal Prep Ideas For Breakfast | Overnight Oats.

5. Avocado

This tasty fruit is rich in protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium and omega fatty acids. Avocados (when eaten daily) can normalize sex hormones, decrease heart disease, promote healthy skin, lower cholesterol and inhibit prostate cancer growth. The Vitamin E in avocados helps lubricate your system so everything functions more smoothly. Other foods nutrients have an increased absorption when eaten with avocados (6). This fruit is super easy to slice on top of salads, smear over sandwiches or eat it right out of its skin with a spoon.

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It’s time that you guys take charge of your health. You are tough, determined, and sexy human beings; and us girls would like to keep you around for the rest of our lives. So be strong, be smart, and above all, be healthy!



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