4 Natural Ways to Fight Off a Cold

Many people get sick all year long, but this is the time of year when we find ourselves stretched thin, not sleeping enough, and not eating well. Add to that the cold weather and you have the perfect combination for infections and viruses to compromise your immunity.

When I’m feeling under the weather, I have a few remedies to help fight a cold, but here are just a few I follow when my symptoms involve weakness, congestion, sore throat, and fatigue.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. These are my opinions, and I have learned these tactics over time. These have worked well in helping me when I’m fighting a cold.

Young beauty caught a cold

Pedialyte On the Rocks

When you are sick, and you visit the doctor, they tell you to drink a lot more water. Why are they saying this? Ultimately, in almost all cases when you’re sick, you are dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, you also lack other elements like sodium, for example. So, how do you help your body when you are dehydrated? Water obviously is very important, so continue to drink a lot of water but I also like to add Pedialyte into my ‘to drink’ list.

Some people think it’s just for babies. Some people think it tastes gross. Well, I’m here to say, yes, both may be true, but some flavors are actually really good, especially chilled over ice. For some reason, it changes the taste compared to when it’s room temperature. I personally enjoy warm drinks especially when I have a cough, like hot tea.

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Hot Tea Cocktail

If it’s warmth I need and even if it’s not, I enjoy a hot tea concoction coupled with Pedialyte (Not at the same time, obviously). I add honey, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, water, and apple cider vinegar to my tea. There’s no perfect amount of each to add in. I’d start with a teaspoon of each ingredient and work my way up to what you can handle. The only ingredient I would put less of is the cayenne pepper. My suggestion is adding in half the amount of everything else you put in. Why? Cayenne pepper will instantly get the mucus flowing, and it might even make you choke a little. It’s incredibly fast at working its magic and let me tell you, you will need a tissue handy post drink. It’s strong, but I assure you, it is very much worth your effort. I tend to pinch my nose and down it all at once. Note that each component is vital because they promote a healthy immune system, and a healthy immune system is just what the doctor ordered when fighting a cold.

Cup of tea with lemon and honey

Hydrogen Peroxide

Here’s a very hot and debated common household remedy. I say this because people believe there’s a huge conspiracy about the use of hydrogen peroxide and are unaware of its medicinal purposes. Most people just have it in the house for cleaning out a wound. I, however, use it in my ears and as a gargling agent. For my ears, I’ve purchased a syringe and filled it with hydrogen peroxide. I lay on my side for about 5 minutes and add a tiny drop (maximum of three drops) until I don’t hear anymore bubbling. It sounds just like Rice Krispies touching milk. When the sound dissipates, I rotate my head, and the peroxide comes right out. To get rid of the wet feeling, I just wipe out my ear with a Q-tip or cotton ball.  The peroxide will relieve a lot of sinus pressure. Also, if I have a sore throat,  I will gargle the hydrogen peroxide. It sounds silly, but it does work. Plus, it whitens your teeth at the same time.

Consume Little to NO Sugar

We all have heard that excessive sugars are not good for us, but did you know when you eat too much sugar when you’re sick, it lowers immunity and slows down the healing? When you have higher levels of sugar in your system, the red blood cells are not allowed to do their jobs of carrying oxygen and blood properly to the white blood cells. When white blood cells are prevented or slowed from retrieving the oxygen and blood, the white blood cells struggle or slow down when fighting off the infection. So don’t consume too much (or any) sugars when you are sick. You need all the help from your white blood cell to get back to your normal self.


How do you ease or fight off the dreaded “I’m not feeling well” moments? Remember, boosting your immunity is the best medicine. Hydrate with water and couple it with some Pedialyte on the rocks. If you need an ultra immune booster and an easing remedy, go for the hot tea cocktail. If you have congestion and pressure, hydrogen peroxide is a great help. Help your white blood cells conquer the evil infection by avoiding those sugar infested snacks? These body battles are up to you. These cold remedies combined have helped me when I have a cold, and I hope they help you, too. Cheers to high immunity!

Shane Briseno
Shane Briseno is a health enthusiast whose desire to find a healthy balance in all areas of life: spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. After years of being a patient from an unexpected series of hospitalizations, she desires to care for others in Western medicine’s field of nursing. She learned so much through her personal life and education, but she soon realized her bigger desires were to lead a holistic and naturally based life. She researched, read and experienced. After many years of study, she realized how equally important Western and Eastern medicine were and how both, in combination, were able to lead people on a healthy life path. She continues to educate herself for the betterment of living life to its fullest and tries every day to appreciate and soak it all in. Shane is a wife, a mommy, an educator, and a health and fitness lover. She will forever be the seeker of a healthy lifestyle.

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