36 Killer Ab Workouts (Infographic)

Ab Workouts, But What About The Kitchen?

While it is mostly true that abs are made in the kitchen, your core and abdominals are still a muscle. That means they still need to be developed, though if you want to see them, you’ll need to dial in your nutrition first. Once you get those bad boys (or girls) to show, you want them to have that POP with some nicely toned muscle.

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Below is an infographic with 36 different ab workouts you can do to target the various parts of your core. Along with having amazing abs to show off, developing your core is crucial; it gives strength to just about every movement you do and can even help prevent many injuries.

You don’t need fancy equipment. Here are 36 different ab exercises¬†to get you ready for summer!


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If you want to see more infographics like this one, check out www.darebee.com.

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    • David Valentine
      David Valentine

      Well, I wouldn’t do ALL of them in one workout. This is suppose to be used to give you a variety of ideas to target the different areas of your core.


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