30 Day Fitness Challenge

All right people, grab a pen and a piece of paper!

What does “healthy living” mean to you?

  • Being active?
  • Eating healthy?
  • Sleeping well?
  • Staying hydrated?

What might each of these look like for you?

1. Being Active

  • Walking the dog every day
  • Getting your heart pumping for 30+ minutes a day
  • Taking the stairs more often

2. Eating Healthy

  • Being mindful of what is going into your body
  • Eating more vegetables
  • Staying away from processed foods

3. Sleeping Well

  • Making sure you get to bed on time
  • Turning off all electronics so you don’t get distracted
  • Make a cup of Sleepy Time tea before bed

4. Staying Hydrated

  • Using an app to track your water intake
  • Carrying water with you wherever you go
  • Ordering water at restaurants instead of a soda

Honestly, these lists could go on…and on…and on!  And what I put on my list will be different than what is on your list.  That’s the best part!  YOU get the opportunity to choose what “healthy living” looks like in your life.

Compare your life RIGHT NOW to that list.  Have you been following a “healthy living” lifestyle – whatever that looks like to you?  I’ve had some pretty life changing obstacles thrown my way the past couple weeks, so I can’t say that I have been the most healthy.  (Unless you consider “healthy living” eating whatever I feel like, not exercising (ummmm…I’m a fitness instructor!) and partaking in a teensy bit too much wine than usual for me….Then I’m your star student!)  I need to get back on track.  STAT.  Good thing I have a plan!

On Monday, October 20th, I’ll be starting a 30 day clean eating challenge!  We’ve completed several through the fitness studio we used to own, (we were forced to close a few weeks ago.   Remember the “life changing obstacles” I mentioned above?  Yep.) and the results have been nothing short of incredible.  Allergies dissipate, chronic medical issues vanish, thyroid levels balance.  Essentially, HEALTH IS RESTORED.

It sounds incredibly daunting at first, but it’s ridiculously easy once you focus on what you CAN have. Include whole foods like low glycemic fruits, veggies and lean protein.  Avoid gluten, soy, dairy, corn, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.  I even have a card to keep with me to remind me what I CAN have…which, again, is quite a lot!

If you need a kickstart to your “healthy living” lifestyle, join me!  We call this a “paint-by-number” plan – you get recipes, shopping lists, snack ideas, an accountability group, motivation and fitness ideas! Believe it or not, it’s actually FUN!

Feel free to contact me for more details!

Shelby Mirrotto

Former Owner/Fitness Director of Move it Momma Fitness Studio…now trying to figure out how to help more people how to live their healthy lifestyle.



David Valentine
Been in the fitness world for nearly a decade and a fitness enthusiast for even longer. Unrelinquishing desire for adventure, with a goal to visit every country in the world. Love to chat about life and business philosophy, marketing and of course fitness. Life goal is to improve other people's lives through fitness and lifestyle coaching. Follow my adventures on Instagram.

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