3 Reasons To Try A Kickboxing Class Today

For those looking for a full-body, high energy workout, look no further than kickboxing. With the rise in popularity of women in UFC and women’s boxing as an official summer Olympic sport, women everywhere are wrapping up their hands and stepping up to the bag.

If you’ve been curious about this martial arts-based, cardio workout, here are just three reasons you should try a kickboxing class today.

Fitness woman punching with boxing gloves

1. Burns Fat Fast

An hour of kickboxing can burn up to 800 calories an hour and the best part is – you’re having so much fun, you won’t even notice the work! Kickboxing is an effective and efficient way to burn that pesky fat as well as condition your whole body, helping you improve your reflexes and flexibility. Your body will be toned in no time.

2. Relieves Stress

There’s nothing like punching and kicking a bag with all your strength to relieve the pressures of everyday life. Honestly, I could talk about exercise and endorphins and all that, but let’s get real. Kickboxing got me through my divorce. It was cheaper than therapy and I didn’t end up on the evening news.

3. Makes You Feel Like a Badass

This many not be a valid reason for some of you, but for me, I grew up skinny and picked on for not looking like everyone else. I wasn’t great at sports and I felt weak. Kickboxing changed that. When I wrap my hands and put on my gloves, something inside me changes. I feel strong and empowered and confident. Kickboxing also gives me some valuable tools for self-defense.


Best Kickboxing Classes in Orange County

If you’re a part of the fitted network, you have access to over a hundred gyms offering all types of workouts, but if you’re specifically looking to take a kickboxing class, we recommend:


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