3 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas to Boost Your Metabolism

Do you skip “the most important meal of the day” because you’re just not hungry yet? Perhaps you should ask yourself, why? You should feel hungry in the morning (at least after you’ve given yourself some time to wake up a little)  and if you don’t, you need to reconsider what you’ve had for dinner. It may have been an overload, and it’s not digesting the way it should be. In fact, if you’re not hungry in the morning, you probably digested (and stored) your dinner as fat.

Food Is Fuel

During the day, our foods can be fuel to give us energy. At night, our digestive tracts still want to use the food for energy. In most cases, people go to sleep shortly after dinner. Instead, you’ll likely struggle to sleep due to an increase in triglycerides. What then should you do?

Pay attention to what you do eat for dinner and realize that it’s going to be used to fuel your body. Then eat appropriate foods. If you eat the right foods, you’ll wake up hungry and ready to enjoy some of my favorite breakfast metabolizing boosters listed below.

Have you heard of the great song written by Jack Johnson called, “Banana Pancakes?” Have you ever wondered what his banana pancakes are made of to make him so happy in the morning? I have no clue what his pancakes are made of but I heard about this yummy recipe years ago, and it makes me happy in the morning.

2-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Pancakes with berries

1 banana
2 eggs

Mix banana and eggs together in a bowl. Drop on warmed skillet/pan. Cook until browned on one side, then flip (sometimes they are difficult to flip. If so, you’ve turned them too soon) and brown on the other side. Enjoy!

I’ll be honest, it took me a bit to get the hang of making these protein and potassium packed pancakes, but they’re delish!

Oatmeal with Peanut Butter

Bowl of oatmeal served on a stone slate table with frozen blackberries and raspberries. Topped with peanut butter and walnuts this is a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Now if you’re looking for a quick and easy alternative, I enjoy eating oatmeal with a dollop of natural peanut butter (add some frozen berries and nuts for extra flavor). I personally enjoy Nature’s Path Gluten Free Oatmeal as it only takes a minute to heat up with water and I’m full from a small portion. It’s the perfect way to boost your metabolism, and it’s fast. No more excuses about how you don’t have time to fuel for your body with a quick and healthy breakfast every morning.

omelet in a  mug prepared in microwave


Now maybe you’re not too keen on oatmeal, but you love the traditional, hearty egg breakfast. Why not whip up this quick (or slow) omelette? You can make it as fast or as slow as you’d like. How?

I was at work one day, and I was microwaving some eggs in a container.  My co-worker who was also on her break, looked at me confused, as this face isn’t uncommon to see when others watch what I eat. I threw in some spinach, mini tomatoes,  cheese and some cut up onions I had prepped. I made a yummy, filling, omelet in under a two minutes. She was shocked that you could even cook eggs in the microwave. The next thing I know, she’s asking my other co-workers if they knew you could cook an egg in the microwave. To my shock, most of them did not know. The point being, if you don’t have the time to whip up an omelette on the stove, you can use your microwave to speed things up. Either way, this meal is protein and veggie central. It tastes good, and it’s beautiful to look at.


Don’t forget, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! When you fuel your body with what it needs, it sets your day up to be successful.

Comment below with your favorite, quick, metabolism-boosting breakfast ideas.

Shane Briseno
Shane Briseno is a health enthusiast whose desire to find a healthy balance in all areas of life: spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. After years of being a patient from an unexpected series of hospitalizations, she desires to care for others in Western medicine’s field of nursing. She learned so much through her personal life and education, but she soon realized her bigger desires were to lead a holistic and naturally based life. She researched, read and experienced. After many years of study, she realized how equally important Western and Eastern medicine were and how both, in combination, were able to lead people on a healthy life path. She continues to educate herself for the betterment of living life to its fullest and tries every day to appreciate and soak it all in. Shane is a wife, a mommy, an educator, and a health and fitness lover. She will forever be the seeker of a healthy lifestyle.

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